Spotted Lanternfly Control in Gold Coast, CT

Connecticut’s Gold Coast contains a wealth of picturesque landscapes and coastal charm. Sounds irresistible, right? Spotted lanternflies think so, too.
This pesky little insect is an invasive species and is looking to feed on various plants and trees in your yard. No need to fear for your foliage, though. Mosquito Joe is here to help!

Our service professionals are well-versed in battling all kinds of pesky bugs. We’re the established experts on treating mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Now, we also offer expert spotted lanternfly control services to keep your outdoor life swat-free in Gold Coast, CT.

Get to Know Spotted Lanternflies

Spotted lanternflies undergo a fascinating physical transformation. They look subdued and bleak when at rest, just gray with some black spots. But once they take flight, their wings open to reveal much more. They have a bold mix of red and black on their wings, and their abdomens are black with a strong yellow.

close up image of spotted lanternfly on wooden table

The technical term for our voracious friend is “lycorma delicatula”. In 2014, these creatures made their first appearance in America, having traveled all the way from China, India, and Vietnam. Since then, they’ve been causing quite a stir among property owners in 14 of our 50 states.

The life cycle of spotted lanternflies is quick—it only takes them a year to go from egg to adult. The cycle is as follows:

  • Egg Stage: Their eggs begin to hatch from May to June, and look like globs of mud.
  • Nymph Stage: From June to July, they gradually mature and go through four different nymph stages.
  • Adult Maturity: Once fully grown, spotted lanternflies begin their search for a mate. This usually happens any time from June to December.
  • Egg Laying: Starting towards the end of summer and lasting until December, they lay their eggs. They do this to ensure a new generation for the following year.

It’s important to note that adult spotted lanternflies don’t survive through the winter; they can’t endure the cold. That’s precisely why it’s so helpful to find and eliminate their eggs during that time. By taking action and getting rid of their eggs before spring, you’ll be steps ahead in keeping their population in check. Bid those winter eggs goodbye for a worry-free spring and summer!

The Harmful Impact of Spotted Lanternflies in Gold Coast, CT

Having these troublemakers in your outdoor spaces in Gold Coast, CT is no picnic. Their appetite for trees and plants can wreak havoc on the local flora. Regrettably, spotted lanternflies exhibit a lack of bias in their diet. They’ll happily consume a wide array of vegetation, including grape vines, fruit trees, and even various hardwoods.

On top of this, spotted lanternflies have a not-so-sweet habit of leaving behind a sticky substance called honeydew. The honeydew becomes a breeding ground for mold, which can be harmful to the health of nearby plants and trees. As if that wasn’t enough, the honeydew also lures in other unwelcome critters, like ants and wasps. Talk about a case of unfortunate dual impact.

At Mosquito Joe of Gold Coast, CT, we understand the importance of keeping your outdoor spaces pleasant and buzz-free. That’s why we’re here to help tackle spotted lanternflies in their early stages. Say goodbye to these uninvited guests and hello to a thriving and beautiful Gold Coast.

Spotted Lanternfly Control Near Me

Mosquito Joe van with "outside is fun again" printed on sideAt Mosquito Joe, we want to make outside fun again for you and your family. Our spotted lanternfly control services in Gold Coast, CT are the first step towards doing so.

Our service professionals will tailor a plan to your specific property needs. After we’ve identified where on your property the spotted lanternflies are feeding, we’ll apply a treatment to eradicate them. Our approach will provide a protective barrier that’ll stop these harmful pests from spreading to and harming other nearby plants.

If you need help dealing with spotted lanternflies, reach out to Mosquito Joe of Gold Coast, CT. With us by your side, victory over these pests is just a buzz away. Call today or request a quote online.

FAQs about Spotted Lanternflies in Gold Coast, CT

What should I do if I see spotted lanternflies on my property?

If you see spotted lanternflies on your property in Gold Coast, CT, you should contact local authorities for tracking purposes. Don’t attempt to touch or handle them yourself, instead contact Mosquito Joe!

Why are spotted lanternflies a concern?

Spotted lanternflies are a threat to local ecosystems and agricultural industries. Because they are an invasive species, they feed on various plants and cause all sorts of damage.

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