What is a Barrier Treatment?

What is a Barrier Treatment?

There are many products out there to help keep those pesky mosquitoes away, such as citronella candles and insect repellent sprays. However, those products only work around small areas and wear off within a short amount of time. Mosquito Joe of Gold Coast CT believes in making outside fun again without the bug spray and candles. This is why we offer barrier treatments that offer protection for your whole yard, lasting much longer and allowing you to enjoy your outdoor areas again – itch free.

Mosquito Habits

First, it is important to understand some things about mosquitoes. To start, only female mosquitoes bite – they need the nutrients found in blood in order to reproduce. Mosquitoes love standing or stagnant water. In fact, a single mosquito can lay as many as 300 eggs in a single bottle cap of water. Of those 300 eggs, around 150 of the eggs will be female – that’s a lot of mosquitoes that bite!  Now, just imagine what they can do with more than a cap full of water.

Additionally, mosquitoes hate the sun, so they tend to stay in areas that are covered with leaves, pine needles, and foliage that are low to the ground. Eggs laid there can lay dormant for as long as ten years – and come to life when they make contact with a tiny amount of water. They are also not very good at flying and prefer to hop and jump, which is another reason they like areas that are dense with leaves, mulch, and piles of sticks.

How Mosquito Joe Helps

Mosquito Joe technicians treating a yard.

When our trained and certified technicians arrive, they will begin by inspecting your property, looking for potential problem areas and make recommendations to alleviate them. Potential problem areas include dense and covered areas, stagnant water (including ponds, fountains, and similar sources that can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes), rock walls, mulch piles, wood piles, and other areas where mosquitoes could be hiding out and breeding. Because our system is designed to break the reproductive cycle and eliminate both full-grown mosquitoes as well as larvae. The barrier treatment is applied to shrubs and bushes and where it bonds to the areas applied and acts as a repellent for the next 21 days*.

Our treatment also works on fleas and ticks, making it perfect for pet owners as well. Ticks and fleas can cause concern for both parents and pet owners alike, as these pests are known to carry diseases. Ticks can spread vector-borne illnesses, such as Lyme disease, to both animals and humans. When fleas bite, their saliva can cause irritation to the skin and cause rashes. Fleas can also cause anemia and serious blood loss to pets over time.

Children and Pets

Our treatment sticks to the areas sprayed and dries 30 minutes after it has been applied. After this short wait, your kids and pets are free to enjoy your yard bite-free!

Find Out More

If you have any questions you would like a free quote, give Mosquito Joe of Gold Coast CT a call today at 203-890-0034. We will be happy to chat with you about mosquito, flea, and tick control and help find the best solution for your property.